Explore The Hotel & Our Gardens

Few other Cotswold luxury hotels can claim to be as part of the countryside as Lords of the Manor; the Cotswold landscape offers beauty and tranquillity, and we are lucky that our 8 acres of perfectly manicured land blends into the nearby ‘wolds’ (or hills, for a more familiar term).

With nature such as this at every turn, we thought it best to entrust our gardens to Julie Toll. A seven-time Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winner, she certainly knows a thing or two about beautiful landscaping and is renowned for her horticulturist passions. By her side is friendly Senior Gardener Megan, who is joined by her assistant Gerardo and together they make an excellent team keep our luxury hotel in the Cotswolds’ garden enchanting.

From the sweeping front lawn to the lake beyond the hotel, our garden is designed to be enjoyed. Encouraging and repaying exploration, you will discover features such as our weathered walled garden with original box hedge borders, perennial planting and fruit trees, a bog garden and a meadow where you can while away the hours.

According to the season look out for Narcissus pseudonarcissus lobularis (these were Britain’s original daffodils as viewed by Wordsworth); the large, sculptural leaves of South American giant rhubarb gunnera manicatarheum palmatum and white, flame-shaped lysichiton, sometimes called ‘swamp lanterns’. You will also see the old ice house (believed to date from the 19th century) at the source of the stream, near the tall, white flowered persicaria polymorphs (fleeceflower).

Look out for Spring flowers including rysium‘Constant Cheer’ and libertia grandiflora. Late summer displays of verbena bonariensis, sedum telephium ‘Karfunkelstein’ and Echinacea purpurea ‘Fatal Attraction’ all buzz with insect life.

Find a suitable bench or chair from where you can take tea, relax and recharge. You’re welcome to enjoy our garden as though it was your own, but (remove comma) venture a little further beyond the gate and you will find yourself in the quaint village square of Upper Slaughter. Offering a 20-minute circular walk past the church of St Peter, you can head down to a ford before bearing right back to the hotel. Along the way you will see 16th and 17th century houses, and perhaps be informed of the rare ‘doubly thankful village’ status of Upper Slaughter; a small few villages were able to welcome back all their men in WW1 and WW2, only 13 others have this distinction.

We pride ourselves on being the finest of all the Cotswold luxury hotels. To find out more about our immaculate gardens call or email a member of the team or check availability to stay with us here.