Lords of the Manor’s Rather Tricky Opera Quiz 2016 

We hope that you enjoyed this year’s LFO – and our humble quiz. Here are the questions, with answers included. Whether you’ve scored highly or needed the help of fellow opera goers, such mental effort deserves a reward. May we suggest an evening at Lords of the Manor?

Which artist painted a new ceiling for the Palais Garnier in the sixties?  Marc Chagall

Between Nabucco in 1842 and Rigoletto in 1851, Verdi was commissioned to turn out works in quick succession. How did he refer to these years? ‘anni di galera’ (his prison years)

Jean-Baptiste Lully is ‘the father of French opera’, although he was actually born in which other country? Italy

A famous German waltz god (Anagram).  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The libretto of Dargomyzhsky’s Rusalka was adapted from an incomplete poem by which author?Pushkin

Which opera is set in the Tower of London?  The Yeomen of the Guard (Gilbert and Sullivan)

After an opera, one might shout bravo for a man or brava for a woman. To cheer for two or more singers, the plural is bravi. What would correctly be called to cheer a group of only women singers? brave (BRAH-vay)

Which was the world’s first public opera house?  San Cassiano in Venice (1637)

Guinness recognise the shortest opera as The Sands of Time at about 4 minutes long – an egg is boiled as part of the performance. The librettist is Simon Rees. Who is the composer? Peter Reynolds.

Carmen Burana is not an opera. What is it? A Cantata

Nixon in China is an opera composed by John Adams. In which year did Nixon visit China?  1972