Summer Recipe: Lords’ Gin & Tonic

Not content with just offering two of the best restaurants in the Cotswolds, we also have an exceptionally well stocked bar; this inspired our team to create our very own recipe for a Lords G&T. You can try it for yourself below. 

It is difficult to imagine anything more British than enjoying a chilled gin and tonic on a warm summer’s afternoon. Our 17th-century hotel boasts unspoiled views of the Cotswolds, so naturally we believe there is no better location in which to enjoy a quintessentially English tipple. 


To create a Lords G&T, you will need 50ml of  Chase GB extra dry

A shaker.

Do not forget lots of fresh fruit like blueberry, strawberry and raspberry – we like to garnish with cucumber and mint.

To finish, you will need soda and Mediterranean tonic.

The Drink

We chose this gin as it is distilled less than an hour and a half away from our hotel. Crafted by copper pot distilling methods (Chase uses the company’s potato vodka) this unique gin comes into existence when 10 botanicals are added including juniper, coriander, bitter almond, cinnamon bark, ginger, cloves, angelica root, liquorice root, lemon peel and cardamom. 

If you smell the gin before you start, you will notice initial zesty citrus notes, before they transform into more spicy territory. On the palate, Chase GB extra dry exudes juniper, lemon and rich spices before finishing extra dry (as you would expect) and full bodied. We use a Mediterranean tonic as it allows the gin to shine through; this is a delicate, floral tonic water that has elements of rosemary and lemon thyme. Paired with the dryness of the gin, we think it is a winning combination.

If you are creating this at home, we advise using at least 35ml of gin – whatever measure you elect to use, add three times as much tonic as gin for the right balance. 


Measure 50ml gin

Pour gin and berries in a shaker – work together until coarse with pieces of fruit visible

 Fill a big large glass with ice

Pour the gin and the berry in the glass

Top up with a dash of soda 

Finish with Mediterranean tonic, garnish with a slice of cucumber and mint. 

 Andrea Domenicucci, Food & Beverage Operations Manager says “We wanted to create a beverage that was quintessentially British and evidently Lords of the Manor from the very first sip. That’s why we paired a delicate and floral tonic with a robust and complex gin to represent the beauty of the Cotswolds and the extremely high standards we set ourselves. A Lords G&T is a bittersweet symphony of a playful, fragrant tonic with a dry, local gin.”

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