Our Winter Wedding Inspiration

There is a lot to be said about holding your wedding during wintertime. Not only are you escaping the prime of the busy season but there’s also a certain magic that surrounds the coming of the colder weather. At our Cotswolds hotel we think the icy blues, whites and greys will form the perfect backdrop to your special day.

One of the things we love most as one of the leading Cotswold wedding venues, is being part of the day that celebrates a unique bond between partners. Complete with unrivalled atmosphere, delicious cuisine and all the finer details to exceed our guest’s expectations, there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the coming together of two people. Of course summer is the sought after season but with all the beauty that winter brings, we think hosting your wedding later on in the year could be the ideal time to say ‘I do’.

With this in mind we’ve put together our inspiration for having an off-peak ceremony with our top four winter-wedding trends.

Seasonal Decor

Winter really is one of the most perfect times for beautiful decorations, whether you are aiming for a minimalist aesthetic or you are striving for optimum extravagance. Fairy lights, romantic candles sat within clear glass baubles and festive decorations are all necessary accompaniments. One of the things we particularly love the idea of is frozen flowers – forage your favourite flowers in summer, ready for pressing, and come your big day these can be frozen within ice blocks for a beautiful addition to your theme.

Four-Legged Friends

More recently animals have become a prominent part of modern weddings and we think it’s a beautiful way to make your special day even more special. Nothing symbolises festivities like the appearance of a reindeer, or romance with the company of an elegant pony – but even dogs can be a delightful addition to your day! Better still, your fluffy friends are more than welcome at our Cotswolds hotel.

Cosy Furnishings

We are very fond of the idea of an open fire with seating and plenty of blankets for guests to stay warm – it adds that extra feeling of ‘coming together’ on a day that is founded on that exact philosophy. Think beautiful velvets, wools or faux furs for a touch of luxury.

Table Wreaths

The perfect addition to a festive ceremony, but if you choose to have your wedding later on then beautiful foliage will also serve to enhance your theme. We love a mixture of pretty flowers with interesting greenery to offset the daintiness and create a natural, unpolished look.

If you’re starting to plan your big day, Cotswold wedding venues are the perfect place to start looking. With gleaming reviews, our Cotswold hotel could be the ideal venue for your big day. Why not find out more?

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