Don’t Make These Summer Wedding Mistakes

If you are planning a luxury Cotswolds wedding, you won’t find a more beautiful or engaging venue than Lords of the Manor. Couples opt to celebrate in our historic and elegant property throughout all the seasons, but should you wish to wed during the summer, be sure to avoid making these wedding mistakes.

Not being prepared for the weather

Just because your outdoor affair is scheduled to take place during the warmer months, does not mean that Mother Nature will play by the rules. The unpredictability of British weather can be embraced; all you need to do is have a stand-by space ready should the heavens open, and you can relocate the party indoors. Provide umbrellas, awnings, gazebos and other such cover not only for unexpected rainfall, but to offer some shade when the sun beats down on your special day. Should the temperatures rise, don’t forget to have a cooling station set up with fans, sunglasses, sun cream and water. Heatstroke can be easily avoided with a bit of forward thinking, and even a light drizzle on a stunning summer’s afternoon doesn’t need to ruin your wedding day. Be sure to enquire about exclusive use hire, so your wedding can take place wherever you need it to.

Not considering the menu or cake

If you are presenting your ceremony outside, it’s natural to want to dine outdoors also. When it comes to your tiered masterpiece, the ingredients in your cake need to be able to withstand the warm weather; it is worth discussing this with your cake maker to ensure that nothing melts or looks anything short of fabulous on the day. Alternatively, your cake cutting can be held indoors at the hotel – you can work with our experienced coordinator to bring a little bit of the outside-in, through decoration.

The same has to be said for your menu – outdoor canapes can be a wonderful way to embrace nature and enjoy the weather, but we recommend being aware of the season’s pantry. You need to carefully consider what dishes will melt or spoil in warm temperatures. Try to avoid cheese, dairy, spreads, seafood or fish – alternatively, you can serve your dishes inside for guests to take out. Our Chef would be happy to discuss summer options for your big day’s menu.

Not coordinating attire to the season

Heavy fabrics, bulky suits and petticoat dresses are not going to be comfortable during the summer months. Luckily, there is a way to emulate such fashion by using lighter fabrics or patterns and by choosing a dress code that will leave your guests feeling comfortable. Shorter styles on bridesmaids always work during summer, and the groom and groomsmen can forgo suit jackets in favour of just a shirt – tropical weight wool and linen are also great options. Don’t forget footwear – sandals will keep you cool and help avoid any grass and heels mishaps. Be sure to ask your bridal boutique for advice on styles and fabrics that will work best for your wedding date.

Forgetting hydration

The focus at all weddings usually stays on alcohol and not H20 – but a summer wedding needs to keep hydration a priority. Set up drink stands offering iced tea, lemonade, virgin cocktails, flavoured water and sparkling jugs to encourage your guests to stay hydrated throughout the day. Frozen fruits, yoghurts and ice lollies can be perfect for younger guests to enjoy too.

Starting the ceremony too early

Start your ceremony too early, and you run the risk of your guests becoming lethargic due to the heat. Calculate when the sun will be at its highest and start your ceremony after this time; it will still be warm without being too much, and you can get started on your evening celebrations sooner. Not to mention, you will be able to capture some incredible sunset or twilight photographs in our stunning grounds.

No other wedding venues in the Cotswolds are as attentive or as experienced than Lords of the Manor. Be sure to visit our wedding page to find out more about hosting your dream day with us.

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