Renowned as Head Pastry Chef for one of the finest restaurants in Gloucestershire, Romain Caschera shares his ideas and secrets on producing the perfect afternoon tea.

Nothing compares to afternoon tea, and here at Lords of the Manor you are invited to enjoy it wherever you please; on the lawn during glorious weather or relaxing in the lounge or bar, where at Autumn and Wintertime, you can sip your tea and sample our cakes with the log fire crackling beside you.  Some of Romains stunning sweet creations are shared below!

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime is a variety of lime originally produce in Florida, United States. It has a unique flavour and more aromatic than a common lime.

“My idea was to make a Key Lime pie with a modern touch, so I decided to combine it with a coconut taste and flavour. Coconut and lime are quite common flavours but when combined, match perfectly. The key lime cream is cooked on a low temperature (like a “crème brulee”) resulting in a really smooth and creamy texture completely different to a normal curd. The base is a thick sweet pastry with a delicate taste of toasted coconut and lime.”

Berry Cheesecake Entremets

Not really a cheesecake and not exactly an “entremets”, this tea cake is composed of a dense but light Pain de Gene (also called Ambrosia Cake) soaked in a light lime syrup.  A layer of red berry “jam” on top of the cake introduces an element of acidity and freshness. A very light, airy vanilla cream cheese mousse infused with Madagascan bourbon completes this entremet. The bourbon compliments the intensity of quality vanilla with a long and intense finish.  Finally, a coating of white chocolate and almond brings a little crunch and contrast of textures.

Chocolate Choux Bun

Choux pastry is one of the oldest recipes in Europe originating from famous pastry chef Popelin of the court of Queen Catherine of Medicis.

“Choux remains one of my favourite pastries because it combines two simple elements to create a uniquely versatile pastry that can be used with a multitude of different glazes or fillings.  My choux is based on the traditional recipe to create a good chocolate choux bun filled with a light but intense 68% dark chocolate.”

The chocolate that chef uses is from single origin in Ghana and exhibits the characteristics and flavour of African chocolate, intensely dark in colour, light acidity, depth of flavour and toasted aroma with a hint a spiciness.

“Varying the traditional glaze but wanting to keep this distinctive touch, I add a cocoa powder topping to make this tea treat a complete intense chocolate experience.”

Nougat Dome

Nougat is a sweet made of egg white, nuts, lavender honey native to southern France. In this part of France, it is common for almond trees grow next to apricot trees.

“In creating this sweet treat, I worked up the “Nougat” using apricots and almonds from the same area. With the sweetness of nougat and the intensity of the almond a lovely well-balanced flavour is produced, finished with a freshness created by the “confit” of baked apricots.”

Now that you have read these impressive insights from our Pastry Chef, isn’t it time you sampled afternoon tea for yourself at our restaurant? Cotswolds getaways would be incomplete without a stay at Lords of the Manor.

To take afternoon tea at one of the finest restaurants in Gloucestershire, simply call a member of the team today.