2018 Wedding Trends

We are very fortunate at our luxury hotel in the Cotswolds to witness such fantastic display of love and taste through our guests’ exceptional wedding days. Fully equipped for all things wedding related we have compiled a list of some of the hotly anticipated wedding themes for 2018. Whether you decide on a traditional form of matrimony or are more in favour of contemporary expression of devotion, you will be able to incorporate some of our favourite themes to reflect your and your significant other’s personalities…

Setting the Tone

For the year ahead, we expect to see a tendency towards natural and minimalistic colour palettes, which is set to be a popular choice according to many wedding planners. Natural and organic colours with copper and brass undertones will add a great fullness to your theme; think deep greens, handmade sepia-toned paper for invitations, with brass-colour ornaments – elements that will create an aesthetically pleasing balance for the perfect autumnal or winter style. For spring and summer weddings a very stripped back theme of white on white with green foliage will create a classic, yet crisp touch to your day.

Finding the One

Picking the second love of your life, otherwise known as ‘The Dream Dress’ can often be a difficult decision as designs can become quite outdated within the blink of an eye. More contemporary designs of wedding dresses that incorporate a more unique and prominent 3-D floral designs have become increasingly popular and it seems that this trend is showing no sign of going anywhere for the forthcoming year. Coupled with an extravagant cape; this is one item which can be worn at any time of year, will add a touch of sophistication and timeless glamour – with this outfit you are sure to inspire a bevvy of soon-to-be-brides throughout the year.

Fanciful Fare

A prominent theme in recent years and set to be popular in the forthcoming year is magical themed weddings such as, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This can be represented through culinary choices in presentation and style, such as the use of edible flora like marigold, viola and dianthus petals, berries and micro herbs – fortunately, with our award-winning gardens, we are able to offer much of the produce ourselves throughout the summer months!  

Another key trend that has gained traction over the years is the heavy emphasis on sourcing the very best of seasonal produce – this is an important factor for many couples when deciding their wedding venue and menu. Regardless of wedding breakfasts or our fining dining options, this is at the forefront of our luxury hotel in the Cotswolds; our kitchen teams have an ardent passion for delivering menus that emulate the finest British cuisine, all in a Cotswolds setting.  

The Great Outdoor

If you are considering an outdoor themed wedding then just a glance at Lords of the Manor’s grounds may seal the deal – with award-winning gardens coupled with a countryside background, our Cotswolds wedding venue is a truly breathtaking location to declare your love. In keeping with the enchanting wedding theme, an abundance of green foliage, organic tones and fairy lights to decorate the outdoor areas creates a perfect fairytale ambience. Many couples opt to keep their guests entertained with classic lawn games like croquet or other nostalgic board games on a giant scale. Last but not least, what wedding would be complete without a photobooth so all guests can take home snapshots to cherish the memory of your wonderful day.

We would be honoured to host your dream wedding day – if luxurious country manor settings, with award-winning dining and exceptionally good service is what you are looking for in a luxury Cotswolds wedding then please look no further and contact us here for further information.