A Recipe From Our Head Chef: Kedgeree Arancini Recipe

Here at Lords of the Manor, our acclaimed Michelin restaurant is deservedly considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Gloucestershire.

With Autumn on the doorstep, we thought we would share with you a warming recipe from our Head Chef, Charles Smith. The perfect dish to share with friends over the festive period.

Kedgeree Arancini is a variation on the traditional Italian dish of stuffed rice balls. These mouth-watering spherical delights are filled with delicious flaked smoked haddock, boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, and butter before being coated with breadcrumbs and then deep fried.

Kedgeree Arancini

Makes around 15, ideal as a starter.


100g Risotto rice

0.3L Smoked haddock stock (fish stock infused with smoked haddock trimmings)

2 small hard boiled eggs (yolks sieved to a crumb and whites fine diced)

90g Poached smoked haddock picked down

10g Parmesan

15g Mascarpone

50g Butter

30g Smoked haddock and curry cream (smoked haddock trimmings, curry powder, parsley stalks, black peppercorns and cream)

2g Fresh cut parsley

4g Chives

12g Thinly sliced spring onions

Japanese breadcrumbs


1. Make the risotto by toasting the rice lightly and adding 3 or 4 pinches of curry powder.

2. Cook out the rice with the stock and then finish with the fats (parmesan, butter, haddock cream and mascarpone).

3. Once the fats are emulsified in the risotto finish with the eggs, haddock, herbs and spring onions).

4. Adjust seasoning if necessary and chill the risotto on a tray in the fridge until set firm.

5. Weight the portions of risotto base (roughly 15g each) and ‘pane’ (ie pass through, in turn) flour, egg white and Japanese breadcrumbs.

6. Deep fry at 180°C.

So that’s how you create Charles’ signature Kedgeree Arancini. If you want to experience one of the finest Michelin Star restaurants the UK has to offer, then reserve a table or book a stay at Lords of the Manor today.

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