How To Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

Now that Autumn is on its way, keen gardeners and novices alike are preparing to put their gardens to bed. As owners of the finest gardens Cotswolds has to offer, here are our top tips.

Slow Down

Now that summer is almost over, it’s good practice to slowly reduce the fertilizing of your perennials so that by the time Autumn comes, they will have slowed in their growth and be hardened for the Autumn months ahead.


If you have delicate plants such as begonias, dahlias or woody shrubs then you can move them indoors, potted of course, so they can endure winter in the comfort of your warm home.

Let It Be

Remember, if you have an organic garden it is important to let natural decomposition take place to further nurture your plants and vegetation. Plants that aren’t killed by frost will become dormant, so it is vital that you understand your garden and what it needs so you can avoid any unnecessary work or mishaps!

Cover Up

Place a net over your pond if you have one to stop leaves falling in. If they do, they could block the filters on your pumps and render your pond water substandard. Decomposing leaves are great for mulch and compost- not so much your beautiful pond and water feature.


Days become shorter in September, so your greenhouse will need all the sunlight it can get. Remove any shade or paint on the windows so your plants can make the most of what limited light that is available. Take the time to fix any glass panels and clear out the gutters. You might as well sweep out the inside of the greenhouse to keep it clear of debris and use disinfectant on the paths, staging and glass to help reduce pests and disease during the colder months. Ventilate fully to ensure that it dries out before the weather turns!

And finally, plant more evergreens – the more you have in your garden, the greener it will look throughout Autumn. Don’t forget to look after wildlife by putting out feeders!

Now that you have read our advice for preparing your garden for Autumn, why not come and see the gardens at one of the finest country hotels in the Cotswolds? If you enjoy plants, foliage and topiary then our Cotswold garden tours are the perfect way to pass the time amongst our grounds. You can even enjoy a decadent Afternoon Tea, too. To find out more you can call us on 01451 820243 or email us on We look forward to welcoming you!