Planning a Spectacular Summer Wedding? Here are our Dos and Don’ts.

Idyllic, romantic, serene; these are just a few of the traits couples wish for on their big day, and all this can be attained thanks to a luxury Cotswold wedding.

After all, your wedding day is, arguably, one of the most important days in your life. That’s why we have compiled all the tips you need to have a truly spectacular wedding this summer.

Do opt for a summer menu. This way, your guests will feel refreshed and no food will go to waste. You don’t want a heavy meal when the weather is glorious! This advice also carries over to beverages. It is of high importance that the wedding party and guests stay hydrated. How about frozen drinks, or offering both sparkling and still non-alcoholic drinks intermittently so that your guests don’t overheat before the day is over? We have held a Michelin star for eight consecutive years and are considered one of the best restaurants in Gloucestershire, so you can be sure that our Wedding Breakfasts will impress your whole party.

Don’t forget the décor. You’ll need to provide plenty of shade so that your guests feel comfortable during and after your nuptials.  The same applies for your flowers. Consider heat resistant blooms that won’t wilt if the temperature soars and bring extra buttonholes if any do struggle in the heat. With exquisite gardens and flourishing flowers, Lords of the Manor is the perfect place to take your wedding pictures.

Do think about your colour palette. Your big day means making choices that reflect who you both are as a couple, but it is worth considering that if you opt for too many dark colours during a summer wedding, you risk the heavy tones creating the illusion of more heat than there is.

Don’t dress uncomfortably! Looser and lighter fabrics are the perfect way to stay cool and enjoy festival-esque or chic vibes of a summer wedding. You could even consider handing out fans to those in attendance to ensure that their focus remains on you and your loved one.

Now that you have some of our top Dos and Don’ts for your summer wedding, why not download our wedding brochure to see how we can make your day even better?

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