Everything You Need to Know About the Cotswold Hare Trail

Looking for family friendly things to do in the Cotswolds? Look no further than the Cotswolds Hare Trail.


The team at our Cotswolds Hotel are excited for the bigger and better Cotswold Hare Trail this year. Here’s everything you need to know about the event…

What is the Cotswolds Hare Festival?

The Hare Trail is part of the Cirencester March Hare Festival and provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the far corners of the Cotswolds in search of  50 colourful artist-decorated five foot high hares. Veer off the beaten track and track down the hares on foot, by bike or by public transport using special maps (see below) outlining a variety of short and long trails around the region. This year, the hares will be decorated by artists to celebrate the outstanding culture and heritage of the Cotswolds. The festival also benefits Cotswolds chosen charity, National Star.


The Cotswold Hare Trail has been running since March, when the hare location maps were published for the public. The trail is running until September, giving you plenty of time to discover all the hidden hares.


The trail runs from Chipping Campden in the North Cotswolds (just 12 miles from our Cotswolds Hotel), to Chipping Sodbury in the South, via Chipping Norton in the East and Stroud in the West.

Why the hare?

The brown hare has always been an influential part of our Cotswolds culture, lending its name to villages and special places such as Harescombe, Haresfield, Harebushes, Harnhill (once Harehill). Hares can often be spotted in Cotswold fields and, looking around, you’ll  see the hare represented frequently in local art. From the Roman hare mosaic in Cirencester’s Corinium Museum to Saxon carvings on church porches, our 21st century artists continue to be inspired by this enigmatic animal, with hare images embedded into the tapestry of the surrounding area. Whilst brown hare numbers have declined across the country due to loss of their natural habitats, they are thriving in the Cotswolds. Being so woven into the history of the area, the hare is a natural choice of animal to celebrate in this festival.

How to get involved

If simply finding all 50 hares isn’t enough, there is also the opportunity to bid on a hare at an October auction to mark the end of the event. Many towns also feature their own town trails and run hare-themed events throughout the festival. Find out more by following the regular information on trails and events on the website: www.cirencestermarchharefestival.org.uk, which also includes the trail map.

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