Top Tips for Keeping Your Garden in Perfect Condition This Winter

Make sure those pansies don’t perish and those spring bulbs stay cosy throughout the cold winter months.


Here at Lords of the Manor, we’re pretty serious about our gardening. Part of making sure everything runs smoothly at Lords is making sure that our garden is well looked after. The gardens at our Cotswolds hotel are one of our most prized features and we like to keep them looking tip top! To help you keep your own garden looking lush and verdant, you need to make sure you care for it well through the winter months. Here are our top tips on doing just that…

1. It is vital to rake up fallen leaves from your lawn to keep it at its healthiest. Don’t think that because it’s winter you can neglect that lovely lawn of yours – grass continues to grow at temperatures right down to 5°C, so it’s important to make sure that it can grow. Fallen leaves will block light and moisture from reaching the grass and can lead to it wilting and dying. That’s not what we want.

2. Raise containers on to pot feet to prevent waterlogging. Waterlogging is never good news in the garden – avoid at all costs and make sure those pots have plenty of room to drain.

3. Prune roses and summer flowering shrubs to prevent wind-rock. If you’re asking yourself what wind-rock is…  well, when strong winds shake roots too vigorously it causes damage to the roots of plants. Pruning your roses back will reduce the plant’s surface area, which in turn will help to minimise the damage wind can cause.

4. Insulate outdoor containers from frost- a nice layer of bubble wrap is best for making sure that the roots of your plants stay toasty warm in the cold winter months.

5. Tidy up your borders. Dig out all annuals and replace with winter bedding, such as pansies, wallflowers and cyclamen.

6. Deadhead all autumn flowering plants and shrubs and plant out a variety of daffodil and tulip bulbs for plenty of colour the following spring.

7. Plant evergreens to provide structure and interest all year round.  Bay and holly can make excellent hedges.

So, that’s how we keep the gardens at our luxury hotel in the Cotswolds thriving through the winter. You can find more information on our gardens here or, to see them up close, why not book a stay? Book direct here, or give us a call on 01451 820 243.