5 Reasons the Cotswolds Make the Perfect Meeting Spot

Holding a corporate event can be tricky because there are so many factors that need to be considered. Where is everyone coming from? Is your chosen location accessible? Is your chosen venue conducive to productivity? How long will your event last for? Is there enough to keep everyone occupied? The list goes on and on…

Luckily, here at Lords of the Manor, we are located in the perfect setting of the Cotswolds and it makes for an impeccable meeting venue, but why?

1. Tranquillity

The Cotswolds are a peaceful haven, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Meetings can feel fraught and stressful when they are held in dingy meeting room on the 17th floor of a city office building, but there’s no need for that. Choosing the Cotswolds as the spot for your corporate event, ensures that everyone will feel calm, collected and cool. The stunning surroundings and fresh country air will help to keep everyone poised and focussed on the task at hand.

2. Accessibility

Despite the gloriously rural charm of the Cotswolds, they are in fact very easily accessible from all corners of the country. There is a direct train from London to Moreton in Marsh which takes only an hour and a half and can be reached from Birmingham in the same time. Lords’ home of Upper Slaughter is only 40 minutes from J10 of the M5, and an hour from J8 of the M40. The Cotswolds are also equidistant between Bristol and Birmingham airports (less than an hour and half either way) so it’s accessible to international visitors too. It really couldn’t be easier to reach us!

3. Local Cotswolds Activities

Thanks to the delightfully pastoral nature of the Cotswolds, there are plenty of outdoor pursuits that can be undertaken to help alleviate the intensity of your meetings. Lords of the Manor is able to offer shooting, fishing, archery, golf, quad biking, and even hot air ballooning! All a stone’s throw from the hotel, and a welcome break from the solemnity of the meeting room.

4. Breathing Space

Oftentimes corporate events can feel a little claustrophobic with everyone piled into a venue, unable to escape. Well that’s not the case when you choose the Cotswolds as the location for your meeting. At Lords alone we have 8 acres of delightful grounds and gardens and then there’s the gorgeous countryside beyond. Giving your delegates space to roam will ensure that everyone remains relaxed and on task.

5. Great Food & Drink

The Cotswolds might not be synonymous with fine dining, but let us tell you, we’re not short of unbelievable food and drink here at Lords of the Manor! We are one of the only Michelin star hotels in the Cotswolds; with our award-winning restaurant spearheaded by wonderful Head Chef Richard Picard-Edwards. At Lords, you can feed your delegates like kings with an outstanding bespoke menu and wine pairing carefully selected from our cellar.

Nestled right in the heart of the Cotswolds, Lords of the Manor boasts some of the finest meeting rooms Gloucestershire has to offer. If you are still in any uncertainty about the suitability of the Cotswolds as the location for your next corporate event, please do not hesitate to call us on 01451 820243 for more information or to book.