Bergamot Truffles

As Head Chef at our luxury Cotswold Hotel, Richard Picard-Edwards shares his expert recipe on creating delicious Bergamot Truffles.

Bergamot Truffle


Citrus Bergamia is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange with a colour similar to a lemon – the French call them citrons doux (sweet lemons), the Italians consider them bitter oranges. Take your pick, but in Britain the fruit is mainly valued because of the intense, fragrant oils in the rind. Bergamot flavour, famously, lifts tea (Earl Grey) and has a wonderful interaction with chocolate.

Here at Lords of the Manor, bergamot truffles are a popular feature post dinner.


TIP ONE: Bain-marie

A bain-marie also known as a water bath or double boiler is the best way to melt chocolate. When you place your bowl of chocolate over simmering water make sure the water doesn’t contact the bottom of the bowl. If there is direct contact between the hot water and the bowl this starts to burn the chocolate.

TIP TWO: Quality

Picking the best quality of chocolate will help towards getting the best result in flavour.

TIP THREE: Emulsify

It’s important to emulsify the chocolates with the cream. If you don’t emulsify the fats together you will end up with a grainy texture, a very different product. Whisking together all of the ingredients gives the best results – adding a little cold cream at the end also helps to bring the mixture together.

The Ingredients

Makes 50 – 60 truffles (but relax – they never seem to last long!)

95g of UHT whipping cream

110g of milk chocolate

415g of white chocolate

125g of dark chocolate

38cl of brandy

50g of unsalted butter

1g of bergamot essence

A little cocoa for dusting

The Method

Begin to melt chocolate over a bain-marie,

Once the chocolate has fully melted, remove from heat,

Bring the cream, butter and essence to the boil, whisking at all times to prevent from burning,

Once the cream has come to the boil, add to the chocolate in three stages,

Whisk in the brandy, making sure you whisk together well. Add more cream to emulsify if needed,

Once the chocolate truffle mix is finished, pour into a container which has been lined with cling film,

Place the mixture into the fridge and allow to set overnight

Once the mixture is set you can either cut them into required shapes and sizes or for a more professional finish, dip a melon baller into hot water and scoop a ball out of the truffle mix,

When you have your chosen shapes roll them in cocoa powder.