Tomato Consomme Recipe

Tomato Consommé

Consommé is beyond the shadow of a doubt the nectar of the soup Gods!
The end result is a clear and succulent essence, perhaps dotted with a small garnish, which lends it rich mouth-feel and potency. It’s pure flavour.

Tips from our Executive Chef, Richard Picard-Edwards and team

TIP ONE: True measurements
Cooking is very much about science, if you don’t have the correct measurements you might end up not having the best results. I’m a firm believer in the use of electronic scales as these are the best for being accurate.

TIP TWO: Ingredients
Use the best ingredients you can buy, they will help with the quality of the finished product. The riper the tomatoes, the better the flavour of this delicate consommé.

TIP THREE: Preservation
Tomato consommé will freeze well and will keep the fresh and vibrant flavour. Allow 24 hours (in the fridge) for the consommé to defrost.

The Recipe

Yields approximately 1litre

2.3kg of cherry vine ripened tomatoes
75g of celery
75g of shallots
125g of fennel
15g of garlic
5g of thyme
2g of tarragon
25g of basil

25g salt
50g sugar
1g cayenne pepper
2 drops Tabasco
2g Worcestershire Sauce

-Chop the first 8 ingredients into 1cm dice,
-Add the remaining ingredients and mix well,
-Macerate for 3 hours,
-Blitz all ingredients and hang in double muslin cloth (or cheese cloth) for 12 hours over a container. This allows the consommé to clarify,
-Store ready for use, best served cold in chilled bowls or glasses.