Our Suppliers

Suppliers are the key to our success here at Lords of the Manor.
Chef Charles Smith has searched the local area and elsewhere around the country to find producers and farms that take pride in what they produce, from the everyday basics to the most exotic elements for my dishes. It is these strong relationships and attention to detail that make us one of the best Michelin star restaurants in the UK.
Here are a few of our favourite suppliers, who we truly couldn’t be without.

Fruit and Vegetables

Wellocks believe that the best dishes begin with perfect ingredients. The suppliers have been specially selected, and Wellocks work with them to help them produce the perfect ingredients.


David Hamilton at Everleigh Farm produces most of our game, ranging from partridge, pheasant and wild venison from Salisbury Plain.


Walter Rose & Son is a family-run butchers. Quality links everything they do, and they are proud to have built long-standing relationships with farmers who practice excellent animal husbandry and welfare, using natural feed and not rushing animal growth.


Flying Fish Seafood is proud to supply high quality fish to distinctive restaurants and hotels throughout the South and West of England. Their pledge is simple, to source the finest and freshest fish directly from Cornwall’s best fishermen and delivers it straight to us. Quickly.


Grant Harrington, produces hand-crafted, hand-salted cultured butter right on our doorstep.
This butter has become one of the best in England, using Jersey herd milk.


Coco Barry produces some of the best chocolate in the world. In 1842, Charles Barry travelled to Africa to seek and harvest the cocoa beans that enabled him to become the very first chocolate connoisseur.